Deborah Burrow – that’s me!

I am a professional artist and writer. You can find out more about me at my website.

‘Follow The White Fox’ is the new working title for a book I am writing.  The book is a guide to searching, finding and developing the inner authentic artist that will lead to success.

The old title was, ’10 Steps To Being The Artist YOU Want To Be’. A title that is too long, dry and boring to me now. The 10 Steps title is also rather old hat too. This new title of ‘Follow The White Fox’ is intriguing and exciting! I am using this blog to write content for it because when I write a blog I feel like I am talking to real people. When I write in a document if feels like there is no conversation and that leads to the writing of my content to feeling tedious, and therefore the outcome is rather flat.

Here I can chat through my keyboard like I’m having a conversation, and that is the feeling I want to get across to my readers – that I am talking directly to them and their inner artist.