The Journey

What does it mean to be ‘the artist you want to be’?

I believe that we decide to be artists for one particular reason – that is to express ourselves artistically. It may be that we are influenced by other artists, but I think deep down we know that being an artist is the best way we can express ourselves. Creative people are problem solvers, artists, crafters and dreamers. Each artist chooses the best method for them to express what they want and enjoy the challenge that goes with it.

We also have a very personal and individual way of thinking about art. This is where you  alone can describe your sense of the artist you want to be. Spending time defining what this means to you is very important, and it is the place we start with your journey.

The journey of finding your artist voice is one that every successful artist takes. There is no telling how long it will be because it is an individual experience. What my book intends to deliver to you is encouragement, instruction and inspiration to ‘follow the white fox’ and become suitably equipped to be the artist you want to be.

The journey I have mapped out for you in this book has ten steps, each to be followed at your own pace with your own materials. Each step will involve taking a deeper look at your own inspirations and skills, and to set goals that you want to achieve.

We will be working on a different aspect of the journey in each chapter which includes chapter worksheets to help you discover more about yourself and what else needs attention.

We will be looking at subjects like:

white fox free image Creativity and What This Means to You as an Artist.

white fox free image Exploring Your Inspirations and Your Abilities

white fox free image Building a Solid Foundation and Setting Goals

white fox free image Honing Your Craft

white fox free image Developing Your Artist Voice

white fox free image Sharing Your Art

white fox free image Dealing With Feedback

white fox free image Reflection on Your Journey

white fox free image Where You Go From Here

“The Personal Creativity Journey is not about art – it is about how you are an organically, naturally creative being, how creativity is your nature, and when you access this nature you are more yourself, and more peaceful, joyful, vulnerable, congruent, and successful.”
Julie Daley

I know what she means.

My journey of self discovery as an artist has made me realise that this is definitely my soul purpose! I was meant to be an artist. It took me a long time to get there, but when I did I remember breathing a sigh of relief that I could feel at the core of my being. I had finally reached a place of inner peace, happiness and because of that, I could focus on being successful.

Back soon,
meanwhile keep creative!


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