Getting Equipped

Hey there followers! I’m glad you’re still here.

Are you ready?

Firstly, let’s get equipped with a few definitions to start our journey. This will help enormously when we really get stuck in.

white fox free image The Artist

The Oxford Dictionary defines an artist as a person who creates paintings and drawings as a profession or hobby.

If you are reading this book we can assume that you already fit this description. However, I don’t want to leave out other artists who create art in other mediums other than paint! So, whenever I talk about an artist, I mean people who create artworks in glass, ceramics, metal and textiles too. For me, the artist is someone who creates something wonderful with passion, joy and skills.

white fox free image The Inner Artist

A term that refers to the hidden ability to be an artist. It is the potential waiting to be unleashed. Pablo Picasso said it best with his quote, “Every Child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up.”

As we mature into adulthood the inner artist is often gradually silenced as we are faced with more pressing issues to consider. It isn’t until we are reminded, that we realise that we have forgotten how to play and create with the joy and abandonment of a child.

Vincent Van Gogh had some great advice for anyone who doubts as an adult, “If you hear a voice with in you say, ‘You cannot paint’, then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.”

Above all we must trust in our ability as naturally creative human beings. “Creativity comes from trust. Trust your instincts.” says Rita Mae Brown.

Without trusting the process we leave ourselves open to disappointment. Trusting yourself to know how to play and create with your art materials is the beginning of the recovery of your inner artist, and the development into the artist you want to be.

white fox free image The Artist Voice

Can be described as the distinct, consistent and authentic style of one artist.  The artwork is unique and recognisable as having been done by that artist. The use of materials, technique, subject matter, colour palette and theme are all consistently used in their work.

The Artist Voice is the sign of an authentic artist and means that artist has reached the place of being the artist they want to be. The Artist Voice is within us, and in this book we are on a quest to find it.

Now we know what we’re talking about, it’s time for more practical equipping.

white fox free image Physical Equipment

As artists we need some art materials, and I am hoping that when you read this you already have some basics to hand. It doesn’t matter what medium, just that you have what you need to experiment with.

The other considerations are:

  • A quiet place to work – away from disruptions and distractions.
  • Pen and paper to jot down notes, thoughts and feelings
  • Access to a computer or tablet with internet connection is useful but not necessary

white fox free image State of Mind

Your state of mind is essential to progress. A relaxed and ready state of mind is all that is required to be open to things we’re going to do to help you find artist voice within you. I’m going to take you through a quick relaxation exercise that will take only a few minutes. Feel free to do this exercise each time you sit and get creative.

Read through this next passage to get the idea first then try it.

Place one hand on your chest and the other on your stomach. Breathe in and out slowly and deeply three times.

Imagine you are standing in a beautiful garden where the birds are singing and you can smell the scent of blossom. As you look around at the colourful flowers and plants you feel warm and comfortable. You close your eyes and turn your face to the sun and you feel your shoulders relaxing. There is a gentle warm breeze on your skin and you feel happy and relaxed. Gently breathing in and out you spend a few more minutes there in that moment.

When you are ready, let your head fall to it’s natural position, open your eyes and stretch your shoulders and neck.

We are ready!




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